Delivery Truck, Van, Boxes, Parcels

McKinney Man Catches Delivery Truck Crashing Into Fence And Driving Away

McKinney man Sankar Arumugam was shocked to say the least.
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Crashed Truck Spills 20 Tons Of Avocados On Texas Highway

A highway just outside of Seguin was closed for several hours Tuesday morning after a semi-truck crashed and spilled its contents all over the road.
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Man, Burglar, Stealing Car, Screwdriver

Man Has Truck Stolen While He’s Across The Street Robbing A Store

Washington man William Kelley called the police early Sunday morning saying his 1992 red Chevy pickup truck had been stolen.
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Frozen Chicken, Breast, Package, Tenderloin, Meat

Frozen Chicken Shuts Down I-20 After Semi-Truck Overturns In Arlington

We already have enough traffic problems in North Texas without this news from Arlington.
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Septic Tank Truck Painted Like A Dr Pepper Truck Will Totally Mess With Your Taste Buds

This might just be the meanest prank of all time! Even though it's not actually a prank. It's a real, honest to goodness business!
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Why Is Bryan Cranston Hanging Out In The Back Of A Truck With A Bunch Of Nuns?

Bryan Cranston just won the internet. How? We'll give you a hint...nuns!
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Never Park Your Car In The Marching Band's Practice Lot

Dang! Band kids are strong as heck!
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Body Spray, Deodorant

Truck Carrying Axe Body Spray Explodes Along I-35 In Texas

A trucker was driving through Belton, about 60 miles north of Austin, when he noticed a fire in his rearview mirror.
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How Many Couches Can This Guy Fit In His Truck?

If you ever plan to move, you might want to call this guy for some help. Bet he can get all your furniture in one trip!
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Abandoned Mattress On I-35E Caused A Semi To Catch Fire

A stray mattress left on I-35E caused a truck to catch fire on Saturday afternoon.
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