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Study Finds The Most Overrated TV Shows In Every State; "Parks And Rec" Named Most Overrated

A new study sought to find the most overrated tv show in each state, with Parks and Recreation being named the MOST overrated show overall.
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Alex Trebek, Red Carpet, 46th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, 2019

"Jeopardy!" Runs Out Of New Episodes, Alex Trebek Ready To Make More

After today, Jeopardy! will have run out of new episodes to air, ceasing production due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Host Alex Trebek, however, is eager to get back into the studio to work.
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"Sopranos" Creator David Chase Accidentally Reveals The Final Fate Of Tony Soprano

Sopranos creator David Chase accidentally revealed the fate of Tony Soprano 13 years after the show's end, seemingly confirming that during the final scene inside the diner, Tony died.
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Hollywood Will Animate Sex Scenes With CGI Due To Ongoing Pandemic

As Hollywood prepares to resume production on movies and tv shows, sex scenes will look very different due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, as producers prepare to
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Pamela Anderson, Dinner, Table, Pre-opening Gut Aiderbichl Christmas market, 2019

Pamela Anderson Likes To Wear "Baywatch" Swimsuit Around The House:"It Still Fits!"

Best known for portraying C.J. Parker on Baywatch , Pamela Anderson still in fact has that iconic red swimsuit, and occasionally likes to wear it around her house.
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Michael Bublé Was Once Fired From "X-Files" For Stealing A Hot Dog

Before he became the internatioanlly regarded singer we know him as today, Michael Bublé took bit parts in movies and TV shows, including the The X-Files , of which he was fired from because he took a hot dog he wasn't supposed to!
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Someone Is Uploading Hundreds Of Hours Of Classic MTV Footage From The '80s

If you want your MTV, an Internet Archive user has begun loading HUNDREDS of hours of classic footage from the dawn of MTV throughout the '80s.
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Staying Up Late Watching TV Is The #1 Reason Americans Wake Up Grumpy

A new survey has found that the #1 reason Americans are grumpy in the morning: we're staying up too late watching TV.
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Bob Saget, John Stamos, Dave Coulier, Red Carpet,  People's Choice Awards, 2017

Cast Of "Full House" Parodies Opening With "Full Quarantine" Theme

The cast of Full House recreated their infamous opening that we're now living in this quarantine world, showing the characters living in "Full Quarantine."
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John Stamos Uses The Couch From "Full House" As A 'Baby Safe Gate' For His Kid

John Stamos has taken to using the iconic blue and yellow couch from Full House as a "baby safe gate" to block his young son from wandering onto a stairwell.
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