Say Goodbye To These Netflix Shows In August

Check out what's leaving Netflix in August.
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[VIDEO] Academic Gives Straight Faced Interview As Cat Crawls All Over His Head

Jerzy Targalski didn't miss a beat, even when his cat interrupted.
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Kenan Thompson, Sunglasses

Kenan & Kel To Reunite For Episode Of Revamped "Double Dare"

Ok, breaking news first of all did anyone else know Double Dare was back?
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Sara Gilbert Speaks Out About 'Roseanne' Spinoff, 'The Conners'

Sara Gilbert is speaking out about her excitement for the upcoming Roseanne series revival, 'The Conners.'
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Here's What's Coming To Netflix in July

Netflix is adding some great titles to the service in July.
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Here's What's Leaving Netflix In July

Last call on these movies & TV shows!
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Keri Russell

"Felicity" Cast Reunite For Show's 20th Anniversary, Discuss Potential Reunion

Video of Interview With ‘Felicity’ Cast On Love Triangles, And Behind-The-Scenes Secrets (Full) | TODAY 20 years after the first episode premiered on television, the cast of "Felicity" appeared together again to discuss the show's legacy, and the possibility of a reunion.
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Jerry Springer

The Jerry Springer Show May End After 27 Years

Je-rry! Je-rry! Je-rry!
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Robert De Niro Gets Bleeped At The Tonys, Says "F@#$ Trump"

Robert De Niro made a guest appearance at the Tonys on Sunday night. His one introduce Bruce Spingsteen. However, while he was on stage he may have vamped a little bit just before bringing out "The Boss".
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Sara Gilbert

ABC Considering "Roseanne" Reboot Focused On Sara Gilbert

ABC is reportedly in discussions to reboot the popular series Rosanne...again. ​
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