Users Around The World Report That Facebook, Instagram, & WhatsApp Are All Down

No, it’s not your computer, WiFi or the fact that you haven’t updated your app in a while.
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Oregon Man Serenades Cow With Saxophone

Who would have thought cows like sax?
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Let's Do The Justin Bieber Challenge! Pick A Celeb That's 31 Years Older Than You To Fight!

It's the tweet heard round the world!!!!!!!!
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Let's Play A Game! 80's Music Taught Me...

Being the 80's station here in DFW, we are all over EVERYTHING 80's! That includes, of course, those random topics on Twitter.
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Twitter application. Logo, internet.

Is Twitter Actually Removing the Like and Retweet Features? Developers Respond

After a viral Tweet said the social media platform was removing likes and retweets, the block option, the ability to go private, and forcing users to have direct messages open to everyone, the social media panic started up again.
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Hugh Jackman, Smiling, Graham Norton Show, 2019

Hugh Jackman Is As Big An Elton John Fan As We Are; Seen Rocking Out At Sold-Out Show

Last Friday night, Elton John played to a sold-out show at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y.
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[VIDEO] Dallas Native Goes Viral For His Fall Off The Bone Turkey Legs

The owner of Corey’s Catering asked a customer to lightly shake the turkey leg and watch as the meat falls right off the bone.
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Bea Arthur

Why Is Bea Arthur Trending On Twitter?

An investigation into why the beloved 'Golden Girl' is back in the news
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Finally! Dirk Nowitzki Gets His Own Twitter Emoji!

Well, well, well. It's about dang time Twitter recognized Dirk Nowitzki!
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Ashton Kutcher Tweets Out His Phone Number, Says He Misses Having A "Real Connection" With People

Ashton Kutcher misses having a "real connection" with people.
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