A man enters an Uber drivers registration office.

The ride-sharing app is looking to staff nearly all positions in their Deep Ellum hub.

The ride-sharing app Uber is looking to staff nearly 3000 positions in their new Deep Ellum office.
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Uber Chooses Frisco As First Site To Test Flying Taxis

Frisco will become the first home for flying taxis in Texas.
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Uber Wants To Turn Dallas/Fort Worth Into One Of its "Cities Of The Future"

Uber believes the future is in Dallas/Fort Worth.
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Drivers Describe Weirdest Things Left In An Uber Ride

Uber drivers have seen it all. From forgotten cellphones and wallets to fog machines and a fully-stocked fish tank.
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Bell Helicopter electric flying taxi

See the Bell Nexus Uber Plans To Utilize For DFW Air Taxi Service

Recently I shared news with you about Uber Planning To Test Flying Taxi Service In Dallas . NBC 5 reports Ft. Worth-based Bell has a full-scale model of it's vertical take-off/landing air taxi now on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Yesterday, Bell announced it's partners in...
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Uber Planning To Test Flying Taxi Service In Dallas

Uber has announced it will invest $23.4 million into building all-electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft, which will built in France, where the company will open a Paris-based Advanced Technologies Center
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Regular bike versus electric bike

"Jump" Files App To To Release 2,000 e-Bikes In Dallas

The bikes still require riders to pedal, but a motor will do the difficult work, at up to 20 mph.
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Martha Stewart, Red Carpet, Fashion Media Awards, 2018

Martha Stewart Details "Messy" First Uber Ride In Hilarious Social Media Post

Martha Stewart is hip now.
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Amish Man Offers "Amish Uber" With His Horse And Buggy

Timothy Hochstedler of St. Joseph County, Michigan is an Uber driver that can offer his passengers something no other driver can, a ride with a horsepower of one.
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Uber Technology

Uber's New Technology Could Identify If You Are Drunk, And Refuse To Pick You Up

Uber has provided a great service for those that want to go out and enjoy the night and responsibly find a way back home. However, that all could change with a recent patent filing made by the ride sharing company.
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