The Urban Flea at Historic Downtown Garland

Love weekend

98.7K-LUV's #WeekendThangsToDoInDFW: July 27-29

If you're into Star Wars , fireworks, outdoor concerts, movies in parks, the Trinity River, repurposed goods, salsa dancing, or water fun, here are 98.7K-LUV's #WeekendThangsToDoInDFW!
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Happy weekend wooden sign

98.7K-LUV's #WeekendThangsToDoInDFW: July 13-15

If you enjoy Shakespeare, Fantasy Football, Texas Motor Speedway drag racing, fireworks, outdoor entertainment, fresh peaches, roller derby, vinyl records, the Dallas Zoo, the Trinity River, vintage and repurposed items or Panther Island Pavilion, here are your 98.7K-LUV #WeekendThangsToDoInDFW!
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98.7K-LUV's #WeekendThangsToDoInDFW: July 6 - July 8

If you're into The Lion King, drag racing, fireworks, live outdoor entertainment, the Dallas Zoo, the Trinity River, repurposed and vintage shopping, Volkswagons, or family water fun, here are your 98.7K-LUV #WeekendThangsToDoInDFW: July 6-8 .
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98.7K-LUV's #WeekendThangsToDoInDFW: June 22-24

If you're into comics, Aerosmith tributes, outdoor family friendly music and movie events, fireworks, watergun fights, lawn parties, Panther Island Pavilion, or the Dallas Zoo, here are your 98.7K-LUV #WeekendThangsToDoInDFW: June 22-24!
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The Weekend Starts Here!

98.7K-LUV #WeekendThangsToDoInDFW: May 11-13

If you're into Lynyrd Skynyrd, Raiders Of The Lost Ark , arts festivals, Scottish culture, the theater, 16th century culture, Texas bluebonnets, the Dallas Zoo, repurposed and handmade goods, here are your 98.7K-LUV #WeekendThangsToDoInDFW !
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Have a great weekend

98.7K-LUV's #WeekendThangsToDoInDFW: May 4-6

If you're into Rangers baseball, Mayfest, the Kentucky Derby, kites, Cinco de Mayo, Asian culture, fishing for kids, the Cottonwood Art Festival, film festivals, 16th century shenanigans, Texas bluebonnets, or vintage/handcrafted goods, here are your 98.7K-LUV #WeekendThangsToDoInDFW! ​
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Portrait of three children fishing

98.7K-LUV's #WeekendThangsToDoInDFW: April 27-29

If you're into art festivals, jazz, car shows, fishing for kids, Latino culture, Asian culture, all forms of flight, 16th century fun, Texas bluebonnets, plus vintage and refurbished goods, here are 98.7K-LUV's #WeekendThangsToDoInDFW !
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