san francisco

KLUV World Tour: San Francisco, Napa Valley, PCH To Carmel & Big Sur

It's time for another fabulous trip with Sharon Carr Travel. This week's destination...San Francisco, Napa Valley, and cruising down the PCH, heading to Carmel and Big Sur.
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Emotional Support Dog

American Airlines Bans Emotional Support Insects, Hedgehogs, Hawks, And Goats From Boarding Flights

It wasn't too long ago that a woman was denied boarding a United Airlines flight with her emotional support peacock.
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KLUV World Tour: Ring In The New Year Aboard The Norwegian Breakaway

The Western Caribbean is yours to explore on this amazing round-trip sailing from New Orleans. When you’re in Cozumel, don’t miss the chance to explore Mayan ruins, remnants of an ancient yet sophisticated civilization. Experience sun, fun and sand in Harvest Caye, our premier resort-style...
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Airline Snacks

Woman Fined $500 For Carrying Free Airline Snack In Purse Through Customs

While traveling on her way home from Paris, Crystal Tadlock, along with the other passengers on her Delta flight, received a free apple as a snack from the flight attendants. She put the fruit in her carry on to save for the next leg of her journey.
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KLUV World Tour: Christmastime Winter Wonderland In Switzerland, Austria, & Italy

What better place to experience Europe's Christmas season?
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Luxury Space Hotel Scheduled To Open In 2021 Will Cost $792,000 A Night

It's finally happening! In less than three years, you'll be able to take a vacation to space!
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KLUV World Tour: Thanksgiving In London

November is a perfect time to visit England; not too cold, not to crowded and plenty to see and do. Take advantage of these remarkable prices, the airfares alone to London can approach $2k, so we are really proud of the rates we’ve been able to obtain for this trip, thanks once again to American...
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KLUV World Tour: Thanksgiving In Paris

It's a perfect time to visit Paris; not too cold, not too crowded and plenty to do. And our prices are remarkable. This is a city stay, so you will have lots of free time to do as you choose. Thanks once again to American Airlines and Trafalgur Tours. - Sharon Carr
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Mark Cosuelos Posts A Super Sexy Pic Of Kelly Ripa In A Bikini

Kelly Ripa just broke the internet with the help of her husband Mark Consuelos and a set of rock-hard abs.
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KLUV World Tour: Cruise The Panama Canal On The NCL Bliss

It's another OMG trip!!! How does two weeks aboard the NCL Bliss sound?
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