This Cat Really Doesn't Want Her Human To Go To Work

Pets are the best! Especially when they love you too much to let you go to work.
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Chimpanzees Use Fallen Branch To Escape Enclosure At Zoo

A group of chimpanzees at the Belfast Zoo in Belfast, Northern Ireland made a daring escape from their enclosure, using a fallen tree branch and a little bit of ingenuity.
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Teen Born Without A Forearm Builds His Own Prosthetic Arm Entirely Out Of Legos

Due to a rare genetic condition, David Aguilar was born without a right forearm.
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Henry Winkler Busts Out The “Fonzie Dance” While Appearing On "The Tonight Show"

Henry Winkler’s still got the moves!
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Did Michael Bolton Fall Asleep In The Middle Of This Interview?

We know there are certain demands that must be met if you’re a celebrity, one of those being, a countless amount of interviews.
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Dallas Thieves Give Up Stealing Large Television After Failing To Fit It In Their Car

Dallas police are on the lookout for two thieves who did not manage to steal a television from a North Texas home.
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Lady Gaga Brings Bradley Cooper On Stage For Surprise “Shallow” Duet

Lady Gaga closes every show of her residency in Las Vegas with “Shallow,” the Academy Award-nominated song from her film "A Star Is Born."
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Jan 7, 2018; Beverly Hills, CA, USA; Mariah Carey arrives for the 75th Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton.

Mariah Carey Suing Former Personal Assistant For $3,000,000!

TMZ reports Mariah Carey hired Lianna Azarian as her personal assistant in March 2015 and according to documents filed, Azarian was soon using Mariah's credit card for herself, telling retailers the purchases were for Mariah, and using Mariah's name to receive major discounts. Mariah says she later...
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Security Camera Captures Man Licking Stranger’s Doorbell For Three Straight Hours

Police in California are trying to track down a man for one of the most unusual "crimes" you'll ever see.
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[VIDEO] Morgan Freeman Reviews 2018 In Video And It's Hilarious

You just gotta love Morgan Freeman!
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