Spaghetti, Dinner, Meal, Food, Pasta, Restaurant

Has This Man Discovered The Most Genius Way To Eat Spaghetti?

Is this the most genius food-hack ever, or just a disgrace to spaghetti?
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Doctors Warn About Dangerous "Skull Breaker" TikTok Challenge

Doctors across the country are warning users of the social media app TikTok to not partcipate in the brand new "Skull Breaker Challenge."
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Airplane, Cabin, Seats, Empty

Woman At Center Of Reclining Seat Controversy Threatens Lawsuit Against Airline

Wendi Williams tried to recline her seat on a plane only to have the passenger behind her repeatedly punch
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Dolly Parton attends We Are Family Foundation honors Dolly Parton & Jean Paul Gaultier at Hammerstein Ballroom on November 05, 2019 in New York City.

Check Out KLUV DJs Doing The Dolly Parton Challenge

The 98.7 KLUV crew compared four photos of themselves for various social media outlets in the latest viral trend started by Dolly Parton.
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Natural ingredients used to make dog food

North Texas Man Eats Nothing But Dog Food For A Month

Mitch Felderhoff of Muenster, Texas is eating nothing but dog food for the entire month of January.
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Chemotherapy, Patient, Hospital, Saline, IV, Chemo

Chemo Patient And His Nurse Perform Beautiful Rendition Of “O Holy Night”

Penn Pennington is a session guitarist form Nashville who has been featured at the Grand Ole Opry for the past 23 years.
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Whataburger, Corpus Christi, A-Frame Restaurant, Pretty Day, 2019

Mother And Daughter Go Viral For Homemade Whataburger Super Hero Costumes

It was too cold on Halloween for this Austin mother and daughter to wear their Halloween costumes.
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Businessman, Gas, Fart, Pointing

Lawmaker Denies Ripping Huge Fart On National Television

Rep. Eric Swalwell, a congressman from California, has been a busy man the last few days.
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Christmas, List, Wish List, Wooden Table, Writing

10-Year-Old’s Insanely Pricey Christmas List Goes Viral On Twitter

As the holidays are creeping closer, no doubt plenty of children have already handed their parents their Christmas lists.
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Christmas, Dinner, Decorations, Lights, Pretty, Table

Saddest Christmas Ad Ever Has Grandpa Fake His Own Death To Get Kids To Come To Dinner

A Christmas commercial in Germany is being called one of the greatest of all time.
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