Russia Is Now The Home Of The "Booty Slapping Championship"

Booty Slapping contest in Russia goes VIRAL!
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All Great Traffic Reports Come With A Seagull

Seagull goes VIRAL as a traffic reporter!
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Teen In Hospital Goes Viral After Writing Message On Window Requesting Pizza

No matter the situation, any time is a good time for pizza.
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Crying Mom Goes Viral After Her Son Buzzed Off His Hair & His Sister's Hair

Fact: You can't leave kids alone for any amount of time. Inevitably, something bad will happen. It could be markers all over the wall. It could be markers all over the face. Or worst case scenario, someone finds the clippers and goes to town on little sister's head.
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[VIDEO] Dallas Native Goes Viral For His Fall Off The Bone Turkey Legs

The owner of Corey’s Catering asked a customer to lightly shake the turkey leg and watch as the meat falls right off the bone.
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Kid Who Wrote Hilarious "We Suck" Letter To Jerry Jones Takes Credit For Cowboys' Recent Success

In November, 7-year-old Rylan Wood wrote a scathing yet hilarious letter to Jerry Jones, chiding him for the Cowboys (then) less than stellar success.
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[VIDEO] Morgan Freeman Reviews 2018 In Video And It's Hilarious

You just gotta love Morgan Freeman!
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Sniffles The Noseless Dog Is Melting Hearts

We think he's adorable!
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A Photo Of Two Hortaya Borzayas Dogs In Sweaters, Standing In The Snow, Has Twitter Users Making Jokes

The internet has done it again, unearthing a gem that brings out the inner comedian in all of us.
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Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant's "Sexy" Safety Instructions Go Viral

Bethany Joy Brenes was traveling on a Southwest Airlines flight from Chicago to Omaha, Nebraska when she sat down to listen to the safety instructions.
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