Couple’s Wedding Pictures Get Photo Bombed By Deer Eating Bride’s Bouquet

Every bride wants the perfect photos for her wedding day, but when nature is involved things tend to go wrong.
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Video Of Dog Pretending To Faint While Getting Her Nails Trimmed Goes Viral

Dogs do the weirdest things sometimes.
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Smart Car, Mini Car, White, Side View, Portrait

Florida Man Parked Smart Car In Kitchen So Hurricane Dorian Wouldn’t Blow It Away

Jacksonville native Patrick Eldridge was worried that Hurricane Dorian would blow his car clean away.
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roller coaster amusement park ride

Man Catches Flying Cell Phone During Roller Coaster Ride

If you've ever been amazed at a fan catching a fly ball in the grand stands, prepare to be utterly astonished. This guy was riding a roller coaster in Spain when he noticed someone a few rows ahead of him had accidentally dropped their mobile phone. With the quickness, this dude reached out his...
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Storefront of Popeye's Chicken restaurant

Local Couple Goes Viral For Taking Raw Chicken Into Popeye's

The new Popeye's chicken sandwich is all the rage. Over the weekend, I saw a Tweet that said there were only four locations in North Texas that still had supplies in stock to make one. That didn't stop Scoota & Cutie from trying to get a hold of one. Scoota got a raw chicken, put it on his hand...
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Motherl and kids holding hands going back to school with backback.

This 5-Year-Old's First Day Of School Looked Rough

Just when you thought you had a bad day, this five-year-old from Scotland has gotcha beat. Jillian Falconer did what every parent does on the first day of school; she took a photo of her daughter Lucie . Lucie looked adorable with a big smile in the before photo. The after photo tells another story...
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Bowl of green Jello

Latest Viral Trend Is The One-Gallon Jell-O Challenge

The latest internet trend is called the One-Gallon Jell-O Challenge. It entails eating an entire gallon of Jell-O in a limited amount of time. Matt Stonie posted a YouTube video of himself making eight packages of lime-flavored Jell-O. He put the entire concoction in a giant bowl and timed himself...
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Bin of potatoes at super market

Woman Turns Herself In After Relieving Her Bladder On Raw Potatoes At Walmart

Just when you thought the product-tampering epidemic couldn't get any worse... a 20-year-old woman from Pennsylvania took it to the next level. Grace Brown was caught on surveillance camera entering a Walmart, and when she left, an employee noticed something strange. He said there was a puddle near...
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Blown out tire on side of highway

Watch The Moment A Loose Truck Tire Smashes Into A Jeep On The Highway

Imagine riding down the highway in the passenger seat, you casually glance over and in the lane next to you, THERE'S A ROGUE FREAKIN' TIRE! That's precisely what happened to YouTuber @iamtaiboogie earlier this week in New Jersey. At first, Tai and the driver marvel at the wheel rolling in the lane...
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Roller Coaster, Loop, Amusement Park, Blue Sky

Video Captures The Moment A Bird Collides With A Girl's Face During Roller Coaster Ride

Thank goodness the family bought this video.
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