Martha Stewart Once Couldn't Remember Getting On A Plane After Hanging Out With Snoop Dogg One Night

Martha Stewart recently unveiled her brand new line of CBD products that include wellness gummies, unflavored soft gels, and three oil drops.
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Florida Woman Arrested After Attacking Dad After He Didn't Share His Medical Marijuana

A 22-year-old Florida woman was upset her father was sharing his weed with his friends and not her, so she attacked him, dragging him down to the floor and attempting to grab his testicles.
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Man Charged With Drug Possession After Smoking A Joint In Front A Judge During Hearing

Standing in front of a jude in the middle of a courtroom is never ideal, but one 20-year-old decided it was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate his support for new marijuana legislation.
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Willie Nelson, Performing, 51st Annual CMA Awards, 2019

Willie Nelson Announces He's Quit Smoking Weed "To Take Better Care" Of Himself

In news that will certainly shock you to the core, Willie Nelson is no longer smoking marijuana.
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Website Will Pay You $3,000 A Month To Smoke And Review Marijuana

If you're looking to make a career change, you might want to check out the folks over at American Marijuana.
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Texas Police Find Abandoned SUV With 1,127 Pounds Of Weed, Driver Leaves Wallet In Front Seat

The Brewster County Sheriff's Office found an abandoned SUV containing approximately 1,127 pounds of marijuana.
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Marijuana Found Growing On Property Owned By DFW Airport

Two people have been arrested in connection with a batch of marijuana found growing on property owned by DFW Airport.
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Stranger Accidentally Texts Cop "We Got High Together"

I'm a big fan of wrong numbers. Especially when the ensuing text goes viral . That's exactly what happened when someone trying to make plans unintentionally messaged a Missouri police officer. The sender invited the recipient to a game, but the person on the other end of the convo had no clue who...
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Mike Tyson, Red Carpet, USTA Foundation Opening Night Gala, 2018

Mike Tyson Claims To Smoke $40,000 Worth Of Weed Every Month

Once one of the most feared Heavyweight fighters in the world, Mike Tyson is now making as big a name for himself in the marijuana game.
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A Special Strain of Woodstock Weed Could Be Coming Soon

For those who like to smoke their souvenirs
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