West Texas


Snake Appears Inside Man's Toilet In Terrifying Viral Video

As if we needed to add more terrifying things to 2020... we now have snakes appearing in toilets.
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Earthquake, Road, Street, Damage,

Texas Rocked By Four Earthquakes In Less Than 14 Hours

Yesterday, the town of Snyder in west Texas was hit by an earthquake just before 5pm.
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Chick-fil-A, Line, Customers, Paramus Park Mall, 2012

Odessa Chick-Fil-A Employees Stay Late To Cook 500 Sandwiches For First Responders

The shooting in West Texas Saturday left seven people dead, and twenty five injured.
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Man, Tied Hands, Rope

"Cowboy" Clerk Hogties Armed Robber Trying To Rob Oak Cliff 7-11

An armed robber in Oak Cliff picked the wrong 7-11 early this morning.
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