Texas Woman Living In Colorado Seriously Debates Driving 6 Hours & 45 Minutes To The Nearest Whataburger

It's no secret that most Texans are committed to Whataburger. So ask yourself this...how far does your loyalty and love of a good burger travel? Would you say greater or less than 421 miles?
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Matthew McConaughey Betrays Texas By Becoming National Spokesman For Carl's Jr, Not Whataburger

Matthew McConaughey is Texas. From the southern drawl to the laid back attitude, there aren't a ton of members of the Hollywood elite who better exemplify the Lone Star State than the Longview native.
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Send Your Love A Whataburger Themed Valentine

Nothing says true love like a Whataburger. No seriously, if you're looking to send your love something different this Valentine's Day...let Whataburger help you with the card.
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Groom's Cake Looks Like Whataburger's Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich

There is just no end to what a true Whataburger fan will do to share their love of Whataburger.
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Whataburger Enlists A Sommelier To Pair Your Favorite Meals With The Best Drink

When you finally settle down after a long day's work, there are few things better than your favorite Whataburger meal.
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San Antonio Man Gears Up For Winter Weather, Buys Whataburger Rather Than Groceries

Well, a man in San Antonio just won winter 2018.
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