Gorilla Likes To Walk Like A Human

Louis is an 18-year-old gorilla living at the Philadelphia Zoo who hates getting dirty. In particular, he hates his snacks getting dirty.
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Video: Orangutan Smokes Lit Cigarette Thrown Into Zoo Enclosure

Animal activists are outraged after video shows an orangutan smoking a lit cigarette after it was thrown into its enclosure at an Indonesia zoo.
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Fort Worth Skyline

Thrillist Calls Fort Worth The "Most Underrated City In Texas"

What does Fort Worth have in common with Augusta, Georgia; Fort Walton Beach, Florida; Dubuque, Iowa; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Carbondale, Illinois?
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Canada Zoo Moves Penguins Indoors Because... It's Too Cold

Even creatures who consider ice their friend are saying "brrrrrrr!"
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